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Isabella Cook 1


Saddell and Skipness, Argyll


This first sampler by Isabella features a wonderful collection of spot motifs, including peacocks, deer, lions, birds, crowns, trees, angels, rabbits, and flowered urns. A nice but simple house is in the bottom band, flanked by trees, crowns, and lions. Isabella's lettering is quite stylized. There is an undulating floral border.

In comparison to the two smaller pieces by Isabella, there are no motifs that are distinctly Dutch. Many motifs, like the floral urns and baskets, are practically identical in Scotland, England, and Friesland at the appropriate time period. 

Size (W x H): 13 1/4 x 17 1/2 inches

Stitches: Cross, rice, satin

Media: Silk on linen


Isabella was born 3 May 1828 in Saddell And Skipness, Argyll, Scotland to William Cook and Mary Thomson. There were nine siblings: Archibald (1816), Kathrin (1818), Barbra (1820), Dugal (1822), Neil (1824), Mary (1825), Flora (1830), Chirstie (1833), William (1836). 

Isabella never married. She died at the age of 64 (in 1892) after suffering from gastric ulcerations for over a year. Occupation as listed on the death certificate was housekeeper, and her brother William was present as a witness.  


At top: No deceit

Signature: Isabella Cook

One thing I of the Lord desir d
and will seek to obtain
That all days of my life I may
within God's house remain

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