Jean Oswald

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Jean Oswald


Larbert, Stirling


This house sampler features a building with two ells and not much front lawn. The house comprises the center third, with spot motifs and familial initials (AM, MA, NM, IR, DW) on the bottom. The top third consists of a wide carnation band and three partial alphabets. The lack of a border is more than likely due to the width of the fabric - one can see the selvage lines on both sides indicating the fabric was made on a narrow loom. At this time, wider looms were starting to become more common.

Size (W x H): 14 1/4 x 20 1/4 inches

Stitches: Cross, four-sided, alt reverse cross, eyelet, outline

Media: Silk on linen


Jean was christened 21 September 1800 to Robert Oswald and Agnes Malcom in Larbert, Stirling. No additional information shows up for Jean.


Jean Oswald 1808

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