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Jean Seclanders, age 7




This is a drop-dead flipping gorgeous sampler!! Our stitcher, seven-year old Jean, has obvious talent and has portrayed her motifs with attention to detail not common of someone so young.

Within the honeysuckle border are three sections. The uppermost is a wide undulating pansy band. The central and largest section has Jean's signature and verse, as well as an elegant two-storied house with flanking ells and a gated front yard. The iridescence of the silk thread used for the house belies the age of this beautiful sampler. To either side of the house are fountains with birds perched on the edge -- these are very recognizable elements of Scottish samplers. The bottom band is comprised of oversized spot motifs, including a fully rigged shipped, a tiny house, an urn of flowers and other smaller floral and avian motifs. Take note of the man in period dress in the lower right hand corner, he is easy to miss. Familial initials are scattered throughout the piece (I/JS, AS, I/JS, AS, I/JS, AS, ME, MS, AS, IB, I/JS).

Size (W x H): 13 1/8 x 13 3/4 inches

Stitches: Cross, back, double running, couched cross, satin, rice, four sided

Media: Silk and wool on linen


After extensive research, we have come to believe that young Jean misspelled her own last name and she is instead a "Sclanders". Our tradition is to leave the girls' names as they stitch them.

James Sclanders and Ann Stewart of Larbert, Stirling had eight children -- the fourth was christened Janet -- on 28 August 1795. Siblings included James (1782), Margaret (1790), Andrew (1791), Mary (1793), Katherine (1797), Elizabeth (1799), Margaret (1802). We are continuing to work on this.


What blessings thy free bounty gives
Let me not, cast away
For God is paid when man recives
T enjoy is to obey
Teach me to feel anothers woe
To hide the fault I see
That mercy i to others show
That mercy show to me

Jean Seclanders aged 7

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