Jane Cruickshank

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Jane Cruickshank


Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire


Despite the fact that Jane indicated she is from Aberdeen, this sampler is very typical of the Hawick companion group. Some other differences include Jane's more elaborate carnation border, a structured and geometric depiction of trees rather than a more free-form motif, and familial initials above, in addition to the initials flanking, the house (EAM, IM, WAC, ID, GM, IL, ML, ML, MM, WC, LC, EC, AC, GC, JC). Her lawn is brown, like Esther Smith, but the chenille thread has been stitched as turkeywork, rather than in the more common couching presentation. Jane's use of "On Virtue", her curlicue signature and the floral vine with central flower are all quite similar to Eliza Hendrson. 


Size (W x H): 13 1/4 x 15 3/8 inches

Stitches: Cross, satin, chain, outline, cross-over-one

Media: Silk on wool


George Cruickshank and Lillias Mearns of Aberdeenshire were married in 1790. They had seven children: William (1792), Alexander (1795), Jean/Jane (1797), George (1799), Lilly (1801), Margaret Ellen (1804), Benjamin (1805).



VIRTUe is the chiefest beauty of the mind
The noblest ornament of humankind
VIRTUe is ouR safeguard and our guiding staR
That stiRs up Reason when ouR senses eRR

MARCH 22 1816


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